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US Samsung Note 7 bans aimed at protecting Apple

by on15 September 2016

Koreans think it is an over reaction

Korean experts are getting a little miffed at the way that the US government is handling Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall and is starting to suspect that it is an attempt to protect Apple.

The US government has started taking the unusual step of suggesting Americans not use the Galaxy Note 7 in the US, just as Apple is trying to push its lack-lustre iPhone 7 on the market.

South Korean industries believe that this suggestion by American Government is a bit too excessive and the probability of fire due to combustion of batteries of the Samsung smartphones is not that high. It does make an interesting conspiracy theory.

When mobiles ignite on their own, the cathode and anode of a battery need to be combined together and create heat. Due to this energy, LCD liquid crystal becomes crushed and starts ignition.

Galaxy Note 7s that were found at accident scenes that occurred in South Carolina and Florida were far from being crushed. Despite stories in the Tame Apple Press of explosions there have not been any reported bangs yet.

Professor Cho Jae-pil of UNIST told the Korean News  that until now, the smartphone’s liquid crystal and battery were burnta  little bit during these accidents and there weren’t any major explosions. In fact, there is lots within a Note 7 to stop it going bang.

Even if the battery is catching fire it is unlikely to get out of control because when the batteries are burnt they give off carbon dioxide and flammable gas. The worst case scenario is the slow melting ball of plastic we have so far seen.

He said: “I believe that the US is taking excessive measures since an explosion cannot happen since there is a control device.”

Professor Lee Byeong-tae of UNIST said that any countries will try to implement policies that will be more advantageous for their businesses.

“Apple and the US are actively using this opportunity and they do not have to be concerned about protecting their trade. Since there aren’t any special measures that Samsung can take at this time, it needs to hurry up and find ways to recover from this situation.”

Last modified on 15 September 2016
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