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Xiaomi Mi5S sells for €286.86

by on10 November 2016

Gearbest price for Snapdragon 821

The story is that the that the “single’s day” started nine years ago and managed to produce  $14.3 billion in sales for Alibaba. Now online stores like Gearbest offer the latest greatest Xiaomi Mi5S phone for €286.86 / $318.99. 

The 11th of the 11th was not chosen by chance. Since this is the number that includes four ones, it implies that it is the loneliest day and someone in China came up with a very good idea and called it "single’s day". This is the equivalent to America's Black Friday, a shopping discount holiday that has moved to many parts of Europe in the last few years.

Gearbest surprised us by offering Xiaomi Mi5S with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage in silver for €286.86 which is an incredible price for a Snapdragon 821 based phone. Bear in mind that Google Pixel sells for more than double that, featuring the same processor. There are less than 100 pieces left and the sale continues for the next five days, so you'd better hurry up. Depending on where you live, you might have to pay some additional taxes for VAT or import, but this differs from country to country. The Xiaomi Mi5S only launched in late September and caught a lot of our attention, and less than a month ago was selling for $335.99.

XiaoMi Mi5 32GB 4G Smartphone costs €233.81, while the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 64GB ROM 4G Phablet with Helio X20 costs €179.85.

These guys are offering 4000mAh Power Bank Built-in Micro USB Cable for €4.67 or an Original Xiaomi Pocket 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank €13.75.

The list of phones and smartwatches on sale is huge and you can simply check it at this link. If you are the sceptical sort, who have doubts about the quality of these phones, trust us, they are better that most of you can imagine.


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