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Smaller Xiaomi Mi MIX Nano is not real

by on24 November 2016

Officially from Xiaomi

There were plenty of leaks showing a smaller version of the earlier unveiled Xiaomi Mi MIX smartphone but now it appears that such a product does not exist, according to Xiaomi at least.

Xiaomi certainly drew a lot of attention with its 6.4-inch Mi MIX smartphone so a possible smaller version, which could end up with a 5.5-inch screen, drew even more attention.

Unfortunately, it appears that such devices simply do not exist as according to Xiaomi's marketing director, Zang Zhiyuan, there is no such product as Xiaomi Mi MIX Nano and those earlier leaks are described as a "low level trick" from a different brand.

There were also some leaks showing a white version of the Mi MIX but it appears those are fake as well.

Xiaomi has also announced that it will be coming to CES 2017 show in January and we are certainly looking forward to what the company has to show.

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Last modified on 24 November 2016
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