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Samsung Galaxy 8 has red tint

by on18 April 2017

You can hear the howls

Some South Korean Samsung Galaxy 8 users are complaining that the display on some S8s had an odd, red tint.

While most of the world is still waiting for their phone to arrive, some in South Korea have got theirs and are starting to moan about the red tint on various news groups.

Pictures of the S8 and S8+ phones with reddish displays have been posted to Instagram, as well as South Korean tech forums like Ruliweb and Ppomppu, where customers are claiming they can't fix the problem in settings.

Samsung is super sensitive about bad press on the S8 and has swiftly replied to the complaint saying it is not a quality issue, but insist that it can be fixed in settings problem.

The problem appears to be that the phone is the first to use "Deep Red" OLED tech. Counterpoint Research analyst Neil Shah suspects is the problem, saying it can "make the usual whites look reddish" and calling it a "software calibration issue".

The news is leaking out of the Far East where it is being seized upon by the Tame Apple Press desperate for anything which shows the phone up as less than perfect.

Last modified on 18 April 2017
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