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Analyst warns that Apple could be in trouble

by on14 September 2017

High price along with delays could kill iPhone X

Apple enthusiasts might be dumb enough to fork over $999 to get a new iPhone X in November — but if shipping dates stretch out to 2018, Jobs' Mob could be in trouble.

Apple has said that the iPhone X will not be sent out until November, and according to Bernstein senior technology research analyst Toni Sacconaghi, that wait could be Apple’s undoing.

The danger is that if Apple buyers are forced to wait beyond the holiday season they will just look at other phones ans realise that they can get the same thing much cheaper and not have to wait.

Sacconaghi said that the delay might shift expectations between how many phones will be sold next spring instead of this winter.

"If you have consumers that place orders in early November, and they can't get a phone until 2018, then I think it matters", Sacconaghi said. "There are other attractive offerings out there. And while ecosystem loyalty is high, if you were hoping to get this great new phone in September, and now you're waiting until 2018, I think you'll get .... switchers."

Sacconaghi said that Apple's level of innovation was not at the level of the past five years.  Users might get hooked on Samsung products and not want to go back. This is compounded by the fact that Apple's starting price is much higher than Samsung's. 


Last modified on 14 September 2017
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