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Qualcomm announced first 5G data call

by on17 October 2017

Shows a 5G prototype phone

It looks like things are shaping up nicely for the beginning of the 5G era. Qualcomm has confirmed that it shrank the 5G device to the phone form factor and has it up and running.

Cristiano R. Amon, who is a Executive Vice President, Qualcomm and President of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT),  showed a 5G prototype device in a mobile phone factor. As expected, he showcased this at the company's key wireless event, the 4G 5G summit that takes place October 17 and 18 2017 in Hong Kong. Things are going so well that he confirmed that the company managed to make the first data call on the 5G NR Snapdragon X50 based phone.

Many people in the industry were sceptic about its ability to shrink down the 5G device to the size of a normal phone but Qualcomm managed to do it. All the 5G competitors are still talking about 5G without anyone being able to show an actual prototype.

Cristiano confirmed that the company is  aiming for a 2019 launch of the Snapdragon X50 NR (New Radio) and the phone will leverage the sub 6 GHz frequencies that you see today with modern Gigabit LTE phones as well as the new 28 GHz bands that will enable much higher speeds than those possible today.


The phone, according to the video featured below, managed to reach 1.24 Gbps which sounds like a great start and of course over the course of time, the speed will only increase. The 4G LTE started with 150 Mbps and today with Cat 16 you can get to 1000 Mbps or 1Gbps speeds. With Cat 18 devices such as Snapdragon X20 you can get the even faster 1.2GHz and we are sure it won't stop there.

5G will also introduce much lower latency speeds as well, but the important thing is that Qualcomm partners will get their hands on the X50 prototypes soon and start preparing for the next data revolution. Today, we got at least one step closer to the speeds of the future.

The 5G future brings faster speeds at lower latencies.

Last modified on 17 October 2017
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