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Current Bun sulks about Samsung X delays

by on11 January 2018

Tears in tabloid land

When it comes to technology reporting, you don’t usually expect the UK’s Sun to be at the forefront, so we were a little surprised when news of Samsung X delays arrived from Rupert Murdoch’s second favourite organ.

For those who came in late, the Galaxy X handset is to be Samsung’s first foldable handset. Normally the Tame Apple Press is hostile to the idea because it is:

1. More innovative than anything Apple has come up with.
2. Likely to attract the attention of people who crave new and shiny things
3. Be expensive for a valid reason
4. Not made by Apple or copied from it.

The hacks at the Current Bun have discovered that the foldable smartphone has been delayed, with reports suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy X won't land until 2019.

“The quirky half-phone, half-tablet was originally planned for a 2018 launch, but that's not looking likely anymore,” the Sun thundered

It accused Samsung of teasing folding smartphones for years, but no real products have been released so far.

The reason, as Fudzilla readers know, is because flexible OLED screens are a pain in the arse to work with. Samsung wants 7.3-inch screens that don't "leave any trace when folded".

The advantage of a folding phone is that it would have a large display without needing to carry a big device around; the Sun tells its readers.

It now looks like mass production of the Galaxy X smartphone will not begin until November, assuming that Samsung has figured out foldable displays by March.

Then in September, Samsung should be ready to start producing the physical panels that end up on your phone.

If the Sun is interested, then the chances are the world does want a foldable phone

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