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Essential promises better camera

by on09 April 2018

The one after PH-1

Andy Rubin’s unicorn startup, the one that carriers the Essential name, has promised a better camera for the successor to the PH-1.

The company has been valued for over a billion, but some investors were unhappy with the original sales numbers. Considering that Essential launched only one phone, it did a good job and especially won a lot of hearts after the price drop. At $499 or even lower, with a few special colors and a unique design, it is hard to beat.

Essential’s head of industrial design Linda Jiang talking to Business insider, has confirmed that it plans to improve the camera.

"In general, one thing that we got hit hard with was the quality of our camera, and we’re really looking forward to improving that with our next-gen, making sure that we’re listening to our customers and their pain points, We’re going to make it better for you."

"We can say, we heard you and we’re going to do it better on the second-gen for sure,"

The company released a bunch of software updates to address the camera performance and it is well aware of the hiccups with the first generation. Of course, there will be more phones and it looks like the new one come with much improved cameras and, of course, no bloatware and consistency with its accessories port.

We were made aware by people close to the matter a few weeks back that Essential was one of the first companies to have Android 8.1 on the phone. It is safe to assume that this might well be one of the top priorities for the company.

One thing that was not mentioned enough is that Andy Rubin had gathered a bunch of other ex Googlers who worked with him. He wanted to have a great team on the phone that might disrupt the market.

The second generation cannot be far away and this one is likely to go head to head with Pixel 3 and target the new Android release, let's call it Android 9 for now. And it is quite certain, updates will be fast and the camera will be significantly improved.


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