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Trump assures Apple it is safe from tariffs

by on19 June 2018

Consumer electronics not covered

President Donald Trump told Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook that the US government would not levy tariffs on iPhones assembled in China.

According to Apple's unpaid press office, the New York Times, Cook travelled to the White House last month to warn Trump of the potentially adverse effects of Trump’s trade policies on Apple in China .

A list of tariffs proposed in April largely excluded consumer electronics. But last week, Trump unveiled a revised list that included several categories of chips, raising fears that tariffs could impact the US technology sector.

The Trump administration’s new tariffs focused mainly on industrially manufactured goods like machines, robots, motors, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

“Just about every major information and communication technology product was exempted”, one U.S. industry told Reuters. “They did target Made in China 2025, but with a caveat. They weren’t going to unduly harm the consumer.”

About $50 billion in tariffs are being targeted as an attempt to get Chinese officials to address intellectual property theft of US companies by Chinese companies. The list was created using a computer algorithm that chose products to hurt Chinese exporters while limiting the impact on US buyers.

Trump’s list will have to undergo a two month comment period before it is finalized. Most consumer electronics like smartphones, laptops, telephone equipment and servers are not included in the list.

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