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Huawei about to face user wrath

by on28 August 2018

Not allowing its phones to be unlocked

Huawei  is finding that its loyal supporter base is suddenly revolting over moves to to block users from unlocking the devices which they've paid for.

According to an Irish blog, the outfit is insisting that users return their already unlocked devices to their normal state.

Magisk developer topjohnwu said that he had been informed that a new Huawei OTA will render Magisk-installed devices from booting. Magisk is a popular "root" solution used which gives a user access to their device's system files.

Huawei was huge with the development community for a number of reasons, no less because their devices were some of the easiest to unlock out of all of the major manufacturers. You simply applied for your key online and promptly received it.

It was a rather painless system, which allowed you to then install a "custom ROM" which was a custom version of Android, free from all of the included pre-installed applications from Huawei.

Last modified on 28 August 2018
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