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Vivo shows 5G version of NEX S

by on11 September 2018

Joins Oppo, Xiaomi, Moto 5G cover

It looks like China based smartphone manufacturers are taking 5G very seriously. In  recent weeks, Oppo and Xiaomi showed their versions of high-end phones running 5G NR and now Vivo has done the same.

The phone looks like a 5G NR enabled NEX S that supports dual networks and runs 5G and 4G at the same time. This sounds so great and will definitely be available at multiple phones out of China, something that Europeans learned to love with the availability of OnePlus and Xiaomi phones.

Vivo has completed the initial development of 5G smartphone software and hardware on the Vivo NEX. The company confirmed that it is  using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G NR modem, so no surprise there, and Vivo has concluded its initial architecture planning, 3D placement stacking, RF /antenna designs, and optimized battery space within NEX to deliver 5G capabilities.

The 5G version of NEX has completed the first phase of protocol and signaling tests with Keysight UXM 5G signaling. As a next step, Vivo's 5G pre-commercial smartphone will enter further IODT tests with 5G infrastructure and networking equipment. The goal is to launch its first batch of commercial 5G smartphones by 2019.


The Vivo 5G version of NEX is based on the Non-standalone Architecture (NSA) model which includes a dual connection for both Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and New Radio (NR), based on 3GPP Release 15 standards. In other words, Vivo will use Snapdragon X50 modem for 5G NR and it will use the next generation Snapdragon SoC and modem that comes with it for LTE and 4G. We can expect to see LTE category 20 capable Snapdragon modem with 2 Gbps 4G multi Gigabit LTE speed which is super-fast too.

Let us not miss out that the test phone is using Android P too.

Alex Feng, Senior Vivo President of Vivo said:  "The 5G era will spark abundant and new possibilities for the smartphone industry. The combination of 5G and AI Technologies will turn smartphones into intelligent platforms which will take the industry to new heights. We foresee that with 5G and AI, the smartphone will become the sensory, control and service hub for consumer lives. "

Vivo has been working on 5G not long after the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) released the vision of IMT-2020(5G). the 5G institute was set up by Vivo in 2016 and the company partners with China Mobile as well as Qualcomm on 5G NR. The company plans to incorporate 5G mm-Wave (millimeter wave) antenna arrays into a Vivo commercial form factor to be ready for some incredible multi Gigabit per second speeds and very low latencies.


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