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Fourth OS13 upgrade in two weeks arrives

by on01 October 2019

Six bugs fixed

Fruity cargo cult Apple has just released its fourth upgrade for iOS 13 in a fortnight.

The Tame Apple Press is, of course, praising Apple for its ability to upgrade so frequently, but in the words of Casanova when a rival bragged he could perform seven times a night "can't you get it right the first time?"

OS 13 was only released on 19 September but has seen two updates: 13.1 on 25 September, and 13.1.1 two days later. Now, it's getting 13.1.2 which contains six new things which were borked in the original release and after the other two updates.

The progress bar for iCloud Backup will no longer continue filling in after a successful backup along with a fix for "an issue where camera may not work" which given the fact that the new iPhone is selling just on the basis of its camera is pretty vital.

There si a fix for a bug where the flashlight might not switch on, another that "could result in a loss of display calibration data" and one where shortcuts can't be run from the HomePod. Finally, Bluetooth was apparently disconnecting on "certain vehicles". Apple doesn't say which ones.

iPadOS is getting version 13.1.2 at the same time, but here the patch list is much shorter, with just the iCloud Backup and HomePod bits fixed.


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