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Qualcomm creates a processor with integrated SIM

by on21 January 2022

Backed by Thales, Vodafone, and Samsung

Qualcomm has come up with a mobile processor which has an integrated SIM and the technology is being backed by Vodafone, Samsung and Thales.

Samsung has put the technology under the bonnet of its Galaxy Z Flip 3 which was used for testing. Qualcomm brings the Snapdragon 888, which embeds a coprocessor dedicated to data security. Thales is the iSIM expert. The French firm has developed a complete system around this technology based on the characteristics of the eSIM. Finally, Vodafone provides network expertise.

All four, therefore, developed and operated the first iSIM compatible smartphone, meeting the regulations established by the GSMA, thus ensuring technical interoperability with all operators. This means that all operators will be able to use this technology.

qualcomm isim

The benefits of iSIM are numerous, especially for high-tech brands: all it takes is a processor to provide a GSM connection to a connected product (tablet, PC, augmented reality glasses, etc.). This further reduces the footprint on the design. Consumers will also connect their objects more easily. Qualcomm is the winner here as the iSIM is a competitive advantage which is not negligible.

Basically, it simplifies and enhances device design and performance by releasing space previously occupied within a device. It consolidates the SIM functionality into the device’s main chipset alongside other critical capabilities such as GPU, CPU, and modem enables remote SIM provisioning by the operator leveraging the existing eSIM infrastructure

The tech opens mobile service connection capabilities to a host of devices that previously could not have built-in SIM capabilities.


Last modified on 04 February 2022
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