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Foldable smartphones had a good quarter

by on02 June 2022

Galaxy Z Flip3 holds the crown

Foldable smartphones did well in Q1, according to DSCC, reaching 2.22 million shipments, up by 571 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

While it was not the best quarter, which was holiday season of Q4 2021, foldable smartphones still did well, with Samsung leading the pack. According to the report from DSCC, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 sits on the throne with 51 percent of all foldables shipped, while the Galaxy Z Fold3 was the second most popular foldable smartphone in Q1. This means that Samsung holds around 75 percent of the entire foldable market.

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Samsung has also set high expectations for its Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 smartphones, and earlier rumors suggest that the Galaxy Fold4 might actually come with a more affordable price compared to the Galaxy Z Fold3, which launched at $1,800.

Shipments of panels and phones are expected to double up by the end of the year as this market should not suffer from component shortages due to the low volume of shipments.

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