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Apple finally gets around to inventing MetalFX Upscaling

by on07 June 2022

Years behind everyone else

The Tame Apple Press is all excited that their favourite corporate giant is adding MetalFX Upscaling to its Metal 3 gaming API.

For those who have not sacrificed their journalistic credibiliy peddling Apple Press releases MetalFX Upscaling has been a feature of gaming on real PCs for ages now. The only thing different with Apple’ves fersion is that it will use Apple's custom silicon to reconstruct video game graphics using lower-resolution source images so that games can run more efficiently at lower resolutions while looking higher-res.

Yeah, it copies AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 and Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super-Sampling. In fact the only one Apple is beating is Intel which is about to release its "XeSS" system.

Based on how the system is described, it will more closely resemble AMD's system, since Apple has yet to announce a way for MetalFX Upscaling to leverage its custom-made "Neural Engine" system.

Apple has closely followed AMD’s system, only its version is not open source. Metal 3 also includes "a new 'resource-loading' API designed to streamline asset-loading processes in video games." The same Metal 3 API benefits will also come to iPadOS 16 later this year.


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