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Xiaomi gives out a list of smartphones to get MIUI 14

by on27 February 2023

High-end devices and some Redmi devices

Xiaomi has released a preliminary list of smartphones that will get the MIUI 14 update soon.

With Xiaomi 13 series that will launch with MIUI 14, there are mostly high-end devices on the list, including the entire Xiaomi 12 and 11 series, as well as some Redmi devices. The preliminary list includes a total of 18 devices, and it is expected that it will be coming by the end of Q1.

Of course, this is not the final list and Xiaomi will probably roll out the update to more phones at a later date.

miui14 1

When it comes to MIUI 14, Xiaomi outlined all the major improvements including optimized storage, efficient interactivity, better security, and better connectivity.

miui14 2


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