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Qualcomm's latest AI chip out

by on18 March 2024

Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor

Qualcomm's gone all in with its new Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor, set to turbocharge the swankiest smartphones and is chock-a-block with AI wizardry.

Under the bonnet is an always-sensing Image Signal Processor, realistic mobile gaming, breakthrough connectivity, lossless high-definition sound, and on-device generative AI features. 

Qualcomm is not just throwing in one AI model; they're throwing in a whole bunch, like Baichuan-7B and Llama 2.

The intelligent chip is a speed demon, thanks to its 4nm tech and a prime core that zips along at 3GHz. Plus, it's got a trio of efficiency cores that'll keep your phone purring all day long.

This Snapdragon highlight tech is a Spectra Image Signal Processor that's a whiz at video capture and supports up to a whopping 200MP for photos. For display buffs, it's dishing out 4K and QHD+ support that'll make your eyes pop.

Memory-wise, we're talking up to 24GB of RAM –more than some computers, and at this point in the game we can't imagine if that would be remotely useful.

Word on the street is that big names like Honor and Xiaomi are already queuing up to get this chip in their upcoming phones.


Last modified on 18 March 2024
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