FTC Qualcomm case looks shattered
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Monday, 06 May 2019 11:43

FTC Qualcomm case looks shattered

Apple and Intel now need Qualcomm

The last few weeks were very active for Qualcomm, Apple, and Intel and the first two have finally settled their licensing differences. Intel decided to leave the 5G smartphone business due to the delays and business-related decisions, but FTC judge Koh is still expected to reach a verdict on the Qualcomm-FTC case.

DoJ looking at remedies in Qualcomm antitrust suit
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Wants a hearing to avoid 5G harm if it wins

The US Department of Justice’s antitrust division asked a federal judge to hold a hearing on any possible remedies to be imposed if mobile chip supplier Qualcomm is found liable in an antitrust lawsuit brought by the US Federal Trade Commission.

Apple under criminal investigation for throttling
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DoJ and Securities and Exchange Commission want an explanation

It seems that Apple’s battery throttling antics have sparked a criminal investigation.

DoJ demands IP addresses of those who don't like Trump
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Warrants issued for most of America

The US government wants the IP addresses of anyone who visited an anti-Trump website.

Judge sides with Microsoft over gagging orders
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DoJ can’t stop case going ahead

A judge has sided with Microsoft and allowed a court battle against government gag orders to go ahead.

Friday, 14 November 2014 10:39

US Justice Department spying now

Why should the NSA have all the fun

Tuesday, 03 August 2010 09:59

HP “reaches agreement” over kickbacks


DoJ will leave us alone now