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AMD rumours abound over the weekend

by on20 March 2017

Must be something in the water

The weekend saw a sudden stirring in the rumour mill centred on AMD working on Zen-based high end desktops processors and motherboards.

Both France's Canard PC and China's ChipHell both independently claimed that AMD was working on a 16C / 32T quad channel Ryzen CPU. They added that the processor will be accompanied by the launch of AMD's X399 LGA SP3r2 motherboards. If it is true, then the resulting systems will do even better in the productivity tests than Ryzen has already managed.

Canard PC tweeted that the AMD's 16C / 32T high end desktops processors will be launched in four to six months’ time. They will be constructed from 2x MCM dies and offer clock speeds between 2.4GHz - 2.8GHz.

It will come with a new motherboard platform dubbed the X399 which will accept the high-end desktops processors chips via LGA SP3r2 socket. The platform supports quad-channel DDR4 memory configurations and the processors will come with 150W TDPs.

ChipHell thinks that the high end desktops processors platform will appear at Computex. In productivity apps the new platform is reportedly "insanely quick," fixes a few of the issues causing erratic results in the recent Ryzen AM4 launch.

Pricing-wise ChipHell claims that AMD's 16C/32T HEDT chips will be half the price of competitive Intel Xeon parts, with a price of $1000 or less for some AMD SKUs.

It is all rumours of course. AMD hasn't revealed any high-end desktop processor plans for summer launch.

Last modified on 20 March 2017
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