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Scottish school pilots LiFi technology

by on28 August 2018

Switching on the light

A Scottish school is testing high speed wireless internet using light technology.

pureLiFi has deployed its LiFi solutions at Kyle Academy in Ayr, Scotland – making it the first school in the world to benefit from LiFi technology.

LiFi technology is a high-speed, bidirectional, secure and fully networked wireless communication that uses light, rather than radio waves used in Wi-Fi, to transmit data. 

It is a category of Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) which includes infrared and ultra-violet communications as well as visible light. However, LiFi is unique in that the same light energy used for illumination may also be used for communication.

By using light waves, LiFi offers bandwidth, which significantly enhances the connectivity of the classroom to enhance the learning environment by facilitating high-bandwidth learning materials such as videos and e-books.

The installation comprises eight LiFi-enabled LED light bulbs in the ceiling and students have been given access to LiFi-XC Stations that plug into their laptops, enabling high-speed connectivity through the lights.

When Mike Magee went to his school in Scotland, light was a novelty and they used candles made of seagull fat as both light and heat in the summer. 

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