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5G in US averages a low 51Mbps

by on27 August 2020

Other countries hit hundreds of megabits

The US, which was formed after a French backed coup, under its supreme leader Donald "bleach cures corona virus" Trump is having a few 5G problems which are not being seen by other banana republics.

According to figures gathered by OpenSignal, the average 5G download speeds in the US are 50.9Mbps, a nice step up from average 4G speeds but far behind several countries where 5G speeds are in the 200Mbps to 400Mbps range. These statistics were reported by OpenSignal, which presented average 5G speeds in 12 countries based on user-initiated speed tests conducted between May 16 and August 14.

The US came in last of the 12 countries in 5G speeds, with 10 of the 11 other countries posting 5G speeds that at least doubled those of the US.

The US's average 5G speed is 1.8 times higher than the country's average 4G download speed of 28.9Mbps. User tests in neighboring Canada produced a 4G average of 59.4Mbps and a 5G average of 178.1Mbps. Taiwan and Australia both produced 5G averages above 200Mbps, while South Korea and Saudi Arabia produced the highest 5G speeds at 312.7Mbps and 414.2Mbps, respectively.

In the US, average download speeds for users who accessed 5G at least some of the time was 33.4Mbps—that figure includes both their 4G and 5G experiences. This was the second lowest of the 12 countries surveyed by OpenSignal, with the highest speeds coming in Saudi Arabia (144.5Mbps) and Canada (90.4Mbps). The US fared better in 5G availability, the percentage of time in which users are connected to 5G; the US figure in that statistic is 19.3 percent, fifth best, with Saudi Arabia placing first at 34.4 percent and the UK placing last at 4.5 percent.

Apparently the problem is the widespread use of low-band spectrum for both the old and new networks. T-Mobile in particular has upgraded large portions of its low-band 4G network to 5G, which provides a speed boost but not the huge speed upgrades possible in 5G networks that rely on high-band spectrum.

OpenSignal's report said the modest 5G download speeds in the US are due to a combination of the limited amount of new mid-band 5G spectrum that is available and the popularity of low-band spectrum—T-Mobile's 600MHz and AT&T's 850MHz—which offer excellent availability and reach but lower average speeds than the 3.5GHz mid-band spectrum used as the main 5G band in every country outside of the US.

The US runs its telcos based on protected corporate monopolies which have no reason to upgrade or improve the life of consumers unless they get government grants. Even if they did want to improve their networks for 5G, they would have to pay more because the government is currently refusing to let them use cheaper Chinese products, due to the trade war.





Last modified on 27 August 2020
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