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Vodafone puts Raspberry into 5G network

by on22 February 2023

Raspberry Pi 4 PC with 5G onboard

Vodafone has revealed a prototype for a portable 5G network based around a cheap and cheerful Raspberry Pi 4 PC combined with a small 5G software-defined radio (SDR) from a company called Lime Microsystems.

Vodafone said the system can then be used either as part of a dedicated private network, an extension of a larger MPN or connected to Vodafone’s public network like any other base station.

The board design is fully compliant to Open Radio Access Network (RAN) standards, which means it can be used with any computing machine capable of running Open RAN compatible software.

The small size of this 5G base station could allow owners to take it with them and use it at a coffee shop, an airport lobby, a park, or any public space in Vodafone's carrier territory. The 5G network would be more secure than using a public Wi-Fi connection.

Vodafone is looking for "interested vendors" to check out its prototype and see if it can mass produce it for the general public.

It is unclear when it might become available, nor how much it will cost, we expect to see it at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain next week.


Last modified on 22 February 2023
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