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EU still funding Huawei projects

by on14 June 2023

Things are not as they appear

While the US is happy that the EU seemed to purge its 5G projects of Huawei gear, the Financial Times, has found that the Commission has been seeing the Chinese phone maker behind Biden’s back.

The FT found that Huawei is part of Horizon Europe, EU’s flagship research and innovation program totalling 11 projects. These projects are developing technologies including artificial intelligence, 6G, cloud computing, quantum sensing, connectivity, as well as frameworks for autonomous driving.

Huawei obtained 14 per cent of the funding, amounting to just below €4 million, and is apparently providing infrastructure equipment and AI platforms for the projects.

This might be surprising given that the US’s stated view is that Huawei is spying on the west even if it has had a complete inability to find any proof.

All of these projects are highly sensitive in nature, so this could mean that the EU does not really believe its NATO ally when it says that Huawei smells of Nintendo and gives you cancer.

John Strand, the founder of Denmark-based consultancy Strand Consult, told the FT that having Huawei take part is “like inviting someone you don’t trust to visit your secret offices. It could be risky for Europe’s security and EU’s plan to have self-autonomy.”

However, for Huawei to be involved in Horizon Europe it had to be “evaluated independently by different panels of experts selected by the EU.” In other words, by people who are interested in facts and not rumours and speculation.


Last modified on 14 June 2023
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