US has bad broadband because of Telco lobbying
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$234 million spent per day

The US has terrible broadband because its telcos are allowed to bribe lobby politicians.

US to get "future-proof" broadband in eight years
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No word on "communist" proper healthcare

It turns out that future proof broadband is on President Joe Biden's shopping list and is part of his $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

Latest consoles could be tiggered by poor internet
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It could be only one hand clapping says Zen

New research from Zen Internet has found that internet issues could ruin the party for gamers as the consoles rely on big software updates.

Europe switching to high fibre
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Monday, 27 April 2020 12:38

Europe switching to high fibre

Getting the net moving

European fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-building coverage is growing according to new figures.

Vodafone sees 50 percent increase in traffic
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Mobile surge

Vodafone, the world’s second largest mobile operator, said the coronavirus crisis was causing data traffic on its networks to surge, with demand already rising 50 percent.

Internet high-fibre diet increasing
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Wednesday, 04 March 2020 10:58

Internet high-fibre diet increasing

More countries cross 50 percent mark

Nine OECD countries now have high-speed fibre making up half or more of their fixed Internet connections, according to an update to the OECD’s broadband portal.

UK Labour Party plans to nationalise broadband
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Free internet for all

Britain’s opposition Labour Party plans to nationalise BT’s broadband network to provide free internet for all, a radical election pledge to roll back 35 years of private ownership that caught both the company and its shareholders by surprise.

BT guarantees home user broadband speeds
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In case Kitten Kong brings down the BT tower again

BT today has launched a new service commitment for home broadband customers, which includes a new Stay Fast Guarantee and what it claims is expert customer service care to provide reliable broadband speeds.

More than half of US doesn’t have broadband
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Despite claims by the subsidy collecting telcos

More than 162.8 million people—over half the population of the United States don’t use broadband internet according to figures worked out by Microsoft.

UK broadband and landline providers to automatically compensate users
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Each time they hack you off

Five UK broadband and landline providers will now automatically compensate customers when services do not work.