BT guarantees home user broadband speeds
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In case Kitten Kong brings down the BT tower again

BT today has launched a new service commitment for home broadband customers, which includes a new Stay Fast Guarantee and what it claims is expert customer service care to provide reliable broadband speeds.

More than half of US doesn’t have broadband
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Despite claims by the subsidy collecting telcos

More than 162.8 million people—over half the population of the United States don’t use broadband internet according to figures worked out by Microsoft.

UK broadband and landline providers to automatically compensate users
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Each time they hack you off

Five UK broadband and landline providers will now automatically compensate customers when services do not work.

FCC tries to spin that broadband is not telecommunications
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Judges prove to be a tough crowd.

A Federal Communications Commission lawyer faced a sceptical panel of judges  as it tried to defend its repeal of net neutrality rules and deregulation of the broadband industry.

British being ripped off by their broadband suppliers
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Ofcom said that four million should haggle

Communications regulator Ofcom estimates that half of Britain's broadband customers could be getting faster internet than they have and even pay less.

Germans to make fast broadband a right
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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 10:49

Germans to make fast broadband a right

Tooting the internet lebensraum horn

Germans will acquire a legal right to fast internet under a proposed coalition between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD), the man expected to become Merkel’s top aide said in remarks published on Wednesday.

BT offers $778 million to sort out rural broadband
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For 10Mbps target

BT has offered to invest up to 600 million English pounds ($778 million in green backs ) to provide faster broadband services to remote parts of the country.

TSMC scores some of Qualcomm's chip business
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Will make baseband chips produced on its 7nm process

TSMC has regained some chip orders from Qualcomm for baseband chips produced on its 7nm process, but not application processors.

Staying with broadband company can cost you
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Citizens Advice warns

Anyone who stays with their broadband company will end up paying a loyalty tax, according to the UK Citizens Advice watchdog.

EU wants a minimum Internet download speed of 100Mbps
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By 2025

The European Commission wants “all European households” to have a minimum Internet download speed of 100Mbps+ by 2025, with businesses and the public sector being told to expect 1Gbps+.