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AMD plans faster Athlon II X2 for Q3

by on05 July 2010

Athlon II X2 265 is the name
If you didn’t think that 3.2GHz speed was ok for a dual core, Regor based Athlon II X2, then you'll probably be happy to hear that a 3.3GHz dual core is just around the corner.

Both of these CPUs have a TDP of 65W, which is quite nice considering the clocks. The currently fastest Athlon II X2 260 works at 3.2GHZ and has 2MB total cache, 2x512KB L2 and 1MB L3 cache. The new faster Athlon II X2 265 has the same specs, same 65W TDP but 3.3GHZ core clock.

The plan is to launch this CPU in Q3 2010; it looks like it might launch closer to August time, when back to school shopping spree starts but these dates are always plans and never a final thing. A keen observer's eye can spot that all of AMD´s 2010 offer is based on K10.5 45nm derived K10 core and that all the next generation Bulldozer based cores are placed in 2011.

These dual cores are quite a nice option for anyone who's looking for a new dual core as Athlon II X2 260, currently the fastest of them all, sells for €72.90 here.

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