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AMD slips out the 8-core FX-Series CPU price

by on29 July 2011

Shows up in the FX Giveaway
Although the exact release date hasn't been revealed yet, AMD has unintentionally revealed the price of the 8-core FX-Series Bulldozer CPU. The price showed up in the AMD FX Giveaway opened for US and Canada residents and is suggesting that the 8-core should cost at around US $300.

Of course, the giveaway isn't precise about what CPU is AMD talking about, but we guess that it is all about the flagship FX-8150P. A while back AMD unofficially said that the 8-core FX-Series flagship should cost at around US $300. It looks like AMD will stick to this price as this is the first time we see any official confirmation from AMD.

As far as the giveaway is concerned, all you have to do is give your details to AMD and you might win one of five FX-Series 8-core Black Edition CPUs or one of 100 collectible ruby dolls. As noted, the giveaway is opened for US and Canada residents.

Credit goes to site for noticing this one and you can check out the giveaway here.

Last modified on 29 July 2011
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