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Llano to remain in short supply

by on03 October 2011

Until Trinity shows up in 2012
It appears AMD and Globalfoundries are facing some rather serious issues with 32nm yields and Digitimes claims Llano shipments won’t pick up anytime soon.

Citing motherboard makers, the report claims supply is unlikely to recover until AMD launches Trinity, its next generation APU slated to replace Llano in the first quarter 2012.

The backlog of Llano orders seems to be significant and punters believe AMD can’t meet consumer demand by the end of 2011, even if it manages to resolve some of the yield issues.

Despite the setbacks, AMD generated a lot of buzz with Llano chips and it managed to secure quite a few design wins, particularly in the notebook segment. Trinity will stick to the same 32nm production process, but it will feature superior Bulldozer derived CPU cores and next generation Southern Islands graphics.

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