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Haswell to ramp up faster than Ivy

by on02 April 2012

1H 2013

According to some internal info, Intel plans to ramp up Haswell at a much faster pace than Ivy Bridge. It will probably launch the complete portfolio at once, which is not the case with Ivy Bridge, which will first come in quad-core flavor, followed up by dual-cores.

The transition to 22nm is not easy and this is why Intel is launching quad-cores and following up with dual-cores. Sometime in 1H 2013, or March to June as it's currently planned, Intel will master 22nm production and should not have the same issues. This means that Core i7, Core i5, Core i3 Haswell chips could launch at the same time.

Intel plans to ships almost twice as many Haswell chips in 1H 2013 than it plans to ship Ivy Bridge CPUs in 1H 2012. Intel will still have manufacturing advantage over the rest of the world that now includes AMD, as well as the ARM alliance that will have tough transitioning from 28nm to 22nm.

This will be Intel's key advantage in the future that will probably lead them to make some good mobile phone and tablet chips as well. They won't give up without a fight.

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