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Job posting hints at Qualcomm server SoCs

by on25 January 2013

64-bit ARMv8 designers wanted

Qualcomm is advertising at least three software engineering positions that seem to indicate it is gearing up to enter the ARM server market.

According to EE Times, the chipmaker is looking for designers who know their way around ARMv8-based server SoC ASICs and can deal with development, porting and integration of server platform management software and firmware.

In plain English, Qualcomm is apparently working on 64-bit server SoCs. Although the company is the clear market leader in the ARM space, it never really focused on server parts. Other players, including AMD, Marvell, Samsung and Nvidia have also announced plans to enter the ARM server market.

The first shipments of 64-bit server SoCs are expected next year, but Calxeda and Marvell are already shipping 32-bit SoCs for servers, but in limited numbers.

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