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More Richland details leak, six parts confirmed

by on25 January 2013

A4 thru A10 series

A set of leaked AMD slides is shedding more light on upcoming Richland and Kabini APUs. The Richland leak, courtesy of Expreview, confirms our earlier reports and gives us a few new numbers to play around with.

The top 100W quad-core will be the A10-6800K, with HD 8670D graphics. Next in line, the A10-6700, with a 65W TDP and the same graphics core. The A8 family also gets two parts, the A8-6600K with a 100W TDP and A8-6500, with a 65W TDP rating. Both feature HD 8570D graphics.

The lower end of the market is catered to by two 65W parts, the A6-6400K and A4-6300. The A6-6400K features HD 8470D graphics, while the HD 8370D is reserved for the A4-6300.

Sadly, we still don’t have the exact GPU specs, or CPU clocks for that matter, but here’s what the leak is telling us so far. The HD 8370D features 128 Radeon cores, while the HD 8370D packs 192 cores. The beefier HD 8570 and HD 8670 appear to feature 256 and 384 cores respectively.

The leaked roadmap also points to 17W and 25W low-voltage parts, but this is hardly news, as AMD already has Trinity parts in the same TDP envelope. Kabini A-series and E-Series parts will also be available in low voltage flavor, with 9W to 15W TDPs.

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