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Desktop Richlands listed in Euroland

by on27 May 2013

Trinity prices slashed

A couple of weeks ago the first Richland based desktop APU went on sale, as we reported here. The rest of the lineup is supposed to show up soon and now we caught a glimpse of a few of them on European price search engines.

In addition to the entry level A4-4000 which is already on sale, retailers are listing five more desktop Richlands, with some very exciting pricing. The A6-6400K is a 65W dual-core clocked at 3.9GHz. As the name suggests it is a Black Edition part and it features HD 8470D graphics, with 192 shaders clocked at 800MHz. The asking price is just €69, which makes it about €10 more expensive than the Trinity based A6-5400K.

Moving along to quad-cores, the A8-6500 and A8-6600K Black Edition are priced at €109. They are replacing 5000-series Trinity parts, which are now getting price cuts across Europe. The A10-6800K and A10-6700 are priced at €139, making them a bit pricier than their Trinity A10 predecessors.

To make way for Richland APUs, Trinity parts are getting a 5-15 percent haircut depending on the SKU. Since they were already very cheap to begin with, they are starting to look like bargain bin material now.

Another factor to consider is the total platform cost. FM2 motherboards start at just €40, with mid-range A75 boards readily available for less than €50. The first Haswell boards will end up quite a bit pricier, over €60, but then again Ivy Bridge boards are cheaper than ever, with prices starting south of €30 for antiquated H61 models. In addition, Intel will probably adjust Ivy Bridge pricing ahead of the Haswell launch.

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