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Intel Kings Landing is 2014 HPC part

by on04 July 2013

DDR4, 3+ Teraflops

DDR3 has been with us for quite some time and this is not going to change overnight. Usually AMD goes after the next generation memory first and then Intel follows suite, but from what we have gathered so far Intel is taking the initiative and jumping on the DDR4 bandwagon in 2015.

A recently leaked Intel HPC roadmap contains some info on Knights Corner (Larrabee successor Ed.) that is a 22nm chip capable of 1.01 Tflops and comes with GDDR5 memory in a PCIe interface. The successor, codenamed Kings Landing, is a 14nm part that should reach 3+ Teraflops. Kings Landing is a 14nm chip that comes in a socket or PCIe card, supports PCIe 3.0 as well as AVX 3.1 and DDR4. According to the roadmap Broadwell again 14nm chip also shifts to 2015 making it the first slip in Intel’s tick-tock roadmap in years.

Intel is getting serious about high-performance computing and it always wanted a piece of this market, but AMD and Nvidia won't leave this market without a good fight. It turns out that graphics cards are great for the compute market and Nvidia with Tesla based GK110 is already taking advantage of this fact. AMD is also using its GPUs to do some serious computing.

The same roadmap mentions Skylake in 2015 or possibly later and this chip should come with AVX 3.2, 14 nm architecture DDR4 and PCIe 4.

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