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Bay Trail specs are out

by on05 July 2013

Intel’s dirty dozen

Intel’s Bay Trail is almost ready for prime time and as the launch draws near we are getting more and more info on Intel’s new entry level offering. German tech site has unearthed a very interesting spec sheet, covering twelve different Bay Trail parts – and only five of them are Atoms.

Bay Trail-I is the name behind the five Atom SKUs, with TDPs ranging from 5W to 10W. The E3810 is the only single core in the mix, a 5W part clocked at 1.46GHz. The E3821 is a 1.33GHz dual-core with a 6W TDP. It is joined by the E3822 and E3823, both dual-cores clocked at 1.46GHz and 1.75GHz respectively. The TDPs stand at 7W and 8W. There’s just a single quad-core, the E3840. It’s clocked at 1.91GHz and has a 10W TDP.

Bay Trail-M and Bay Trail-D are reserved for Celerons and Pentiums. The M variant will be used in notebooks and convertibles, while D denotes desktop (nettop) parts.

There are four M chips, three Celerons and a lone Pentium. The Celeron N2805 is a 1.46GHz dual-core with a 667MHz GPU and 4.5W TDP. The N2810 is a 2GHz dual-core with a 756MHz GPU and 7.5W TDP, while the N2910 is a quad core clocked at 1.6GHz, with the same TDP and GPU as the N2810. The only M-series Pentium is the N3510, a 2GHz quad-core with 750MHz graphics and a 7.5W TDP.

As for desktop parts, they all feature a TDP of 10W, graphics clocked at 792MHz and higher clocks. The Celeron J1750 is a 2.41GHz dual-core, while the J1850 is a quad-core clocked at 2GHz. The Pentium J2850 is the fastest Bay Trail so far, a 2.41GHz quad-core.

The specs look encouraging to say the least, but bear in mind that Bay Trail will have to slug it out with Jaguar based APUs from AMD, and they are more than capable of putting up a fight. Still, at least some Bay Trails look like they will outpace AMD’s offering, namely the two quad-core Pentiums.

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