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AMD's first ARM part is for networks

by on10 September 2013

Hierofalcon A57, up to 8 cores

As expected, AMD’s first ARM based product won’t go after phones and tablets.

Arun Iyengar, General Manager of Embedded Solutions Group, AMD, has just announced the company’s first ARM product codenamed Hierofalcon.

It is based on up to eight ARM 64-bit A57 cores and it is a 28nm chip. It is mainly targeting the network and communications market rather than anything else.

The product comes with 10Gb network support, ECC support, PCI gen 3 and ARM trusted zone. It comes in second half of 2014 and since there is still plenty of growth potential in the communications market, AMD hopes to get a nice slice of the pie.

There are still no any announcements of any ARM-based consumer products, but AMD has mentioned Steppe Eagle APU that is a dual to quad core SoC set to replace Jaguar. This is a 5W to 25W TPD product based on an enhanced Jaguar core and Radeon 8000 graphics.

With 5W parts, AMD can go after tablets as Jaguar with 6W was close, but not low enough for many tablet manufacturers.

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