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Three Kaveri parts coming in February

by on28 October 2013

Paper launch, December 5?

Although there were plenty of reports to the contrary, AMD still insists it will launch Kaveri by the end of the year. However, availability is expected in February.


According to Chinese VR-Zone, three parts are going to show up in February. There are no exact specs yet, but the leaked AMD documents points to some new features, including AMD Start Now 3.0, a new, dedicated PCI-e SSD interface, low latency audio processor that might try to capitalize on the TrueAudio hype – although the chips are very unlikely to support TrueAudio.

As always, AMD is promising top notch GPU performance, on par with entry level discrete graphics cards, as the fastest Kaveri is expected to feature a rather impressive 832 stream processors. Kaveri is the first mainstream APU to feature GCN-based graphics, as Jaguar is targeting the low end (core config 128:16:4).

The most interesting leak has nothing to do with specs, it’s the schedule. Engineering samples were ready in August, production ready candidate samples in October and production ready samples should be done by December. Initial production starts in December, while the target launch is February 2014.

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