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Zen to sample in Q2 to key customers

by on25 April 2016

Confirmation from AMD CEO

Some good news from AMD – according to the CEO of AMD Lisa Su key customers are getting sample's of the company's Zen x86-based chips in Q2 2016.

Many investors want to know if Zen is on schedule as it has been a while since AMD has launched any competitive CPUs in the desktop, notebook or server market.

Zen should target the performance desktop segment which is not that big but is highly profitable and Su also mentioned that she believes that Zen has brought applicability across enterprise and datacenter.

AMD is working with OEMs and ODMs to ensure that they will have the right motherboards and platforms to accommodate AMD products.

AMD doesn’t mention any names, it is too early for that, but it is likley that there will be desktop and server / enterprise products based on the holy grail Zen core.

We think AMD can keep the late 2016 date as a shipping schedule for Zen, and that it can compete with Intel  at least at the price / performance level. Unlike many think, however, we don't expect Zen to really hurt Intel, but it can get AMD much more competitive in the short-term.

Gaining the trust of customers in server / enterprise markets will be a long, hard and tough task but a good and competitive product is a great start.

People had high hopes for AMD's Opteron A1100 Seattle SoC, which launched in January 2016 and was supposed to be the world's first ARM Cortex-A57 based server chip with up to eight cores and 1.87GHz DDR4 memory. But that chip didn’t play out that well either. Don’t forget that at some point in late 2017, AMD should also have a K12, ARM-based lineup as well.

Last modified on 25 April 2016
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