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Intel flagship Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X tested as well

by on05 May 2016

Compared with the Core i7-5960X

It is obvious that Intel's Broadwell-E HEDT launch is drawing near as with all the previous leaks we now have some of the first benchmarks of the flagship ten-core Core i7-6950X.

SiliconLottery user from the forums, which brought the first pictures and benchmarks of the octa-core Core i7-6850K, has managed to get its hands on the flagship Core i7-5960X as well, and compared it to the Haswell-E Core i7-5960X flagship CPU. Silicon Lottery is actually a store that has already placed the Core i7-6950X on pre-order with a price set at US $2,099.99.

Based on 14nm manufacturing process, the Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X CPU is a ten-core part with enabled Hyper Threading, which means that the OS will see a total of 20 threads. It works at 3.0GHz base and 3.5GHz maximum Turbo clocks, packs 25MB of L3 cache and has 40 Gen3 PCIe lanes. It supports DDR4-2400 memory and will be compatible with current Intel X99 Express chipset based motherboards, with BIOS update of course.

Intel Corei76950Xocn 4

Performance wise, the Core i7-6950X managed to get a Cinebench R15 score of 2327 points when overclocked to 4.5GHz. When pushed to 4.0GHz, it scored 1904 points, which is around 19.5 percent higher than the Core i7-5960X at the same clocks. Bear in mind that the new Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X actually has two more cores. The Core i7-6950X also offered higher memory write speed in AIDA64 benchmarks while the memory read speed was the same.

In a clock-to-clock comparison in Intel XTU Benchmark, the Core i7-6950X managed to get 2354 points, which was higher than 2001 for the Core i7-5960X.

Most motherboard manufacturers have already released their X99 motherboard BIOS updates in order to support the upcoming Broadwell-E CPUs so these benchmarks looks legit enough.

Intel is expected to launch its Broadwell-E HEDT (High-End Desktop) CPUs at Computex 2016 show which kicks off on May 31.

Intel Corei76950Xocn 1

Intel Corei76950Xocn 2

Intel Corei76950Xocn 3


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