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Intel's response to Ryzen is Kaby Lake-X

by on08 February 2017

The Core i7-7740K and Core i5-7640K

There have been quite a few rumors floating around that Intel is hard at work in preparing a response to AMD's upcoming Zen-based Ryzen CPUs and it appears that these will not be Kaby Lake-S CPUs but rather the new Kaby Lake-X CPUs, the Core i7-7740K and the Core i5-7640K.

The original rumor started by the Canard PC site described two new CPUs, the Core i7-7740K and the Core i5-7640K, both having a 100W+ TDP as well as support for Hyper-Threading but, according to fresh information coming from, it now appears that these will not be the Kaby Lake-S chips but rather the new Kaby Lake-X.

Based on the new LGA2066 socket, both new Kaby Lake-X chips will be quad-core chips with 112W TDP, have up to 8MB of L3 cache and DDR4-2666 memory support.

The Core i7-7740K will have a base frequency of 4.3GHz, with 4.5GHz Turbo and 8MB of L3 cache. The Core i5-7640K will work at 4.0GHz base clock and have 6MB of L3 cache. It could also be the first Core i5 chip to end up with Hyper-Threading although this has not yet been confirmed.

As noted, these two chips will be based on Intel's new LGA2066 socket and will be an update to Intel's HEDT (High-End Desktop Platform), with new Intel X299 chipset motherboards.

Earlier rumors pointed out that both Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X CPUs should be coming in the second half of this year, with a possible launch at Gamescom 2017 in late August.

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