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Apple’s MacBook Pro bricked by poor design

by on27 April 2018

Dust never sleeps

The fruity cargo cult Apple is having problems with users of the MacBook Pro. Apparently, after spending a fortune on a MacBook Pro, users are under the mistaken view that they get what they pay for, and not something that is so poorly designed that a single piece of dust can brick the shiny toy.

Casey Johnston, writing for The Outline, has found that the MacBook Pro's keyboard keys stopped working if a single piece of dust slipped under there.

Like most fanboys, he did not understand that Apple nor its geniuses would acknowledge that this was a problem. Even after he paid $700 to fix the keyboard a few months later, he started to get dead keys again.

At the heart of the issue is Apple’s extremely low-profile keyboards which become useless when a piece of dust gets under them. The problem is that it is designed in such a way that the dust cannot escape.

It is the sort of mistake a design school student would make. The keyboard might look nice, but it is not that great to type on and fails to take into account real world stresses like dust.

Of course, as far as Apple is concerned, it is a user problem. Everyone knows you should be using your computer in dust-free sterile environments while wearing gloves. The laptop should only be moved by placing it in a sterile box. Then there is the small matter of users typing the wrong way.

“Apple still hasn’t said anything about this, save for the strange tech support page that tells you how to use a can of air on your non-functional keyboard. Since that time, plenty of other people have messaged me about their dead spacebars and V and N keys, sometimes pointing knives at them because there is no other way on this earth to cope”, wrote Johnston.

Cynics would say that Apple has engineered the whole thing to make a fortune out of Apple fanboys needing repairs. After all, $700 is not to be sneezed at, and if you do, it will cost you another $700.

What is surprising is that many MacPro users are just buying proper keyboards for their devices and plugging them in. They might have been better off buying a decent laptop for half the price which will last a bit longer. At least Johnston has come to his senses and written that he advises never buying a macbook pro at any price. The 1200 euro cost for a MacBook Pro can buy you a much better Windows PC which can handle dust.



Last modified on 27 April 2018
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