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Dell not worried by 5G

by on15 May 2018

PCs will continue to thrive

While there are some that think that the development of 5G will put a nail in the coffin of PCs, Michael Dell is not one of them.

Dell has optimistically claimed that Dell's PC business will continue to thrive as the advent of 5G and the raging development of AI applications will fuel the demand for multiple advanced cloud and edge computing algorithms, thus providing more space for the development of PC products and computing applications.

Dell said that his outfit kept gaining market shares in both the PC and server sectors in the last five years, and expects to sustain the growth trend in the next few years. He added that Dell will focus more on its PC business in the hope of maintaining significant shipment momentums in the process of continuous PC evolutions and advancements.

He pointed out that computing innovation still has a long way to go, as the generation of increasingly immense data and the demand for real-time computing will bring diverse scenarios for computer algorithms, especially those for AI applications now under rampant development by enterprises and industries.

It's difficult to develop unified AI application platforms because different industries have different needs. But this will serve to generate more business opportunities, spur more innovations in data collection, storage, transmission and computing algorithms, and stimulate more innovative applications including autonomous driving, AR/VR, according to Dell.


Last modified on 15 May 2018
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