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AMD's EU PC market share is Ryzen

by on24 October 2019

Intel still has shortage problems

AMD is dramatically increasing its market share to of PCs in Western Europe, mostly because Intel cannot meet availability.

Beancounters at Context have added up some numbers and worked out that 12 per cent of the 5.242 million desktops and notebooks flogged to resellers and retailers in the region had AMD CPUs. This figure is up from seven per cent of the 5.077 million shipped a year ago.

AMD gained in the retail area with 18 per cent of consumer-targeted PCs containing  AM toD, up to seven per cent. Some eight per cent of business PCs integrated AMD, up to five per cent year-on-year.

In its report, Context said: "Over the past few quarters, Intel chip supply constraints have led to several vendors increasing their focus on AMD. The two main vendors with commercial AMD portfolios, HP and Lenovo, both posted strong AMD growth in Q3 2019."

HP, Lenovo, Acer and Asus were reporting a "healthy rise" in AMD-based computers.

PCs containing Intel fell 3.8 per cent, and Chipzilla's share dropped to 86 per cent from 92 per cent.

Still, it is not all bad news for Intel while it still has a chokehold on the market, AMD's success stops competition authorities asking difficult questions.

Steve Brazier, CEO at Canalys, said that AMD was also winning because it has the edge over Intel in terms of power and performance.

Last modified on 25 October 2019
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