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Intel reveals more Rocket Lake-S details

by on30 October 2020

Cypress Cove core and double-digit IPC increase

Intel shed some light about its upcoming Rocket Lake-S CPUs that will be launching in Q1 2021, and these will be based on Cypress Cove CPU cores bringing a double-digit IPC increase in performance.

According to Intel's own slides, 11th gen Core S-series CPUs codename Rocket Lake will bring new CPU core architecture with double-digit IPC improvements. It will also feature Intel UHD graphics based on 12th generation Xe graphics architecture, which is the same one found in Tiger Lake CPUs.

The 11th gen Core S-series CPUs will also bring up to 20 CPU PCIe 4.0 lanes, overclocking features and capabilities, as well as Intel Deep Learning Boost and VNNI support, integrated USB 3.0 Gen 2x2 (20G), and more.

When it comes to actual specifications, Intel is talking about 8-cores/16-thread Cypress Cove cores, 50 percent higher performance for 12th gen Xe graphics, compared to Gen9 IGP, new memory controller with DDR4-3200 support, aforementioned integrated PCIe Gen 4 from the CPU with a total of 20 CPU PCIe Gen 4 lanes.

It also features new media encoders and increased display resolutions, as well as Intel's Deep Learning Boost.

Interestingly, when talking about system configurations and projections, we are looking at 125W PL1 and 250W PL2 for 8-core/16-thread Rocket Lake-S CPU. Of course, it will all depend on the actual clocks, and those IPC gains, and it is left to be seen if Intel's 8-core Rocket Lake CPU will manage to match, exceed, or fall short, compared to the 10-core Comet Lake CPU.

Hopefully, we will hear more about the upcoming 11th gen Core S-series CPUs as we draw closer to the end of the year and the Q1 2021 launch timeframe.

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