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Apple claims Rivos stole its “advanced” computer secrets

by on03 May 2022

Poached two of its engineers

Fruity and nutty cargo-cult Apple claims that a tech start-up Rivos poached two of its engineers and nicked its ideas for system on a chip technology.

Apple's claimed Rivos has hired over 40 of its former employees in the past year to work on competing "system-on-chip" (SoC) technology, and that at least two former Apple engineers took gigabytes of confidential information with them to Rivos.

The Tame Apple Press is incandescent with rage as everyone knows that Apple spent “billions of dollars” and “more than a decade of development time” inventing the System on Chip technology.

Rivos was founded last year and no one really knows what it is making yet.

Apple claimed that Rivos purposely sought to hire Apple engineers with access to the tech giant's SoC trade secrets. It named two former engineers, Bhasi Kaithamana and Ricky Wen, who allegedly took thousands of files with SoC designs and other confidential information to Rivos.

The lawsuit also said several other unnamed Rivos employees took confidential documents when they left Apple, and that the defendants tried to cover their tracks by wiping data from their Apple-issued devices.

Apple said its secrets could be used to "significantly accelerate" the development of competing SoCs. It asked the court to block Rivos from using its trade secrets, order its former employees to return its property, and to award it an undisclosed amount of money damages.


Last modified on 03 May 2022
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