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Finalmouse comes up with world’s most pointless keyboard

by on20 December 2022

Expensive and you can hardly see the keys

Finalmouse's upcoming mechanical keyboard has been released and we cannot think of a bigger waste of expensive technology – well outside of Apple at least.

The Finalmouse Centerpiece costs $349 which would be a red flag for most users, but it gets even worse. The keyboard has a display showing animated visuals through the keyboard's transparent keycaps and switches for a look.

While this might be dazzling and look cool at at show, it is distracting and as pointless as a flat worm crossing the Serengeti plain.

The Keyboard screen is said to be powered by "interactive skins" using Unreal Engine 5. It's unclear how many skins the Centerpiece will launch with, but in the video, Finalmouse showed a variety of possibilities, from swimming koi fish that scurry away when you press a key, to a rippling water effect, a lion grazing, and 3D animations.

A brightness knob on the side of the keyboard lets you turn off the display but really, what is the point of shelling out all that cash for a function you can’t look at without getting sick.

Finalmouse says the Centerpiece uses its own CPU and GPU, so powering the display doesn't use up the connected system's resources. It said that artists can submit skins to play on the Centerpiece's display and have the option to monetise them.

Centerpiece is said to rely on what Finalmouse is calling its Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack. As you might imagine, glass isn't often used in mechanical keyboards. Inside an aluminium chassis, it should be decently protected; although there are still plenty of questions about durability and how this all works. Finalmouse, of course, claims the keyboard is tough enough to withstand extreme use.

On the plus side, the keyboard also uses mechanical switches based off Gateron's linear Black Ink switches. Gateron's switch has 4 mm of travel and actuates with 60 g of force. The switches in the Centerpiece keyboard are supposed to actuate more quickly and have "slightly" different travel specs, Finalmouse said. The company will also sell a version of the keyboard analog switches using Hall-effect sensors, so users can select the switches' actuation point (somewhere within the switch's total travel) themselves.

So basically, it is possible to switch off all the technology you spent money on to convert it into something like a bog standard mechanical keyboard.


Last modified on 20 December 2022
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