LIAN LI officially launches new HydroShift LCD Series AIOs
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Coming in 360mm size

After announcing and showing it off at the Computex 2024, LIAN LI has now officially launched the new HydroShift LCD 360 All-in-One liquid coolers. The new HydroShift LCD 360 AIO series comes in HydroShift LCD 360S, HydroShift LCD 360R, and HydroShift LCD 360TL, all with 2.88-inch LCD but with different fans and features.

MSI fully integrates an AIO cooler with new SUPRIM FUZION and EXPERT FUZION graphics cards
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Computex 2024: Based on Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 Super versions

MSI has unveiled a couple of new and interesting graphics cards at the Computex 2024, the SUPRIM FUZION RTX 4090 and the EXPERT FUZION RTX 4080 SUPER graphics card. What makes it interesting is that MSI is completely integrating the AIO liquid cooler onto a graphics card PCB.

Gigabyte shows new AORUS WaterForce X series AIO liquid CPU coolers
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Coming in 240, 280, and 360mm sizes

Gigabyte has unveiled its newest line of AIO liquid coolers, the AORUS WaterForce X series, which will be available in three radiator sizes, 240, 280, and 360mm, as well as promises great compatibility and impressive performance from some unique optimizations.

G.SKILL announces ENKI series AiO liquid cooler
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Coming in 240, 280, and 360mm versions

G.SKILL has announced its new ENKI series all-in-one (AiO) CPU liquid cooler. The G.Skill ENKI series AiO is a custom-designed AiO liquid cooler that promises to deliver high-performance cooling thanks to a custom cold plate, high-density radiator with hydro-bearing fans, special coolant tubing, and low thermal resistance thermal paste.

Arctic Cooling AiO coolers support AMD Threadripper CPUs
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120, 240 and 360mm radiators

Arctic Cooling has jumped the gun announcing that it has updated its Liquid Freezer line of AiO coolers so these will support AMD's upcoming Threadripper processors and the new TR4 socket.

All-in-one PC sales to stabilize this year and next
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Battle will go to consumers, who will decide market prices 

The total number of all-in-one PC shipments worldwide is expected to stabilize both in 2017 and 2018 after having declined for nearly three years in a row, according to the latest report from Digitimes Research.

Fractal Design unveils new Celsius series AiO coolers
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The Celsius S24 and Celsius S36

Fractal Design has announced the new Celsius series of all-in-one (AiO) liquid CPU coolers that will be available in two models, Celsius S24 and Celsius S36.

Cooler Master goes bonkers on  MasterLiquid AiO coolers
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New pump design and AM4 support

Cooler Master has shown off its MasterLiquid 240 and MasterLiquid 120 series AiO liquid coolers that,  it claims,  feature a whole new pump design as well as out of the box support for AMD's Ryzen AM4 CPUs.

EK Water Blocks announces two XLC Predator AiO liquid CPU coolers
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With 140mm and 280mm radiators

Following the success of its earlier released XLC Predator AIO liquid CPU coolers, EK Water Blocks has now announced two new models that will be coming with 140mm and 280mm radiators, Quick Disconnect Connector and new 140mm EK-Vardar fan(s), the EK-XLC Predator 140 and EK-XLC Predator 280.

MSI updates its Gaming 24 All-in-One system
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Wednesday, 20 January 2016 17:42

MSI updates its Gaming 24 All-in-One system

Adds two new Skylake CPUs and new GPUs

MSI has updated its Gaming 24 All-in-One system adding two new Skylake CPUs as well as new Nvidia GPUs.