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Chipzilla unlikely to catch up in semiconductor fabrication
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Economic academics agree Intel squandered its lead trying to impress shareholders

A couple of economic academics have penned a rather interesting paper claiming that Intel will not catch up to TSMC and SEC in semiconductor fabrication.

Chipzilla delays production of next gen Xeons
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Sapphire Rapids not so rapid after all

Chipzilla has delayed production of its next-generation Xeon Scalable CPUs, code-named Sapphire Rapids, to the first quarter of 2022 and said it would start ramping shipments by at least April of next year.

Ericsson needs Intel inside its 5G midband
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I RAN, I RAN so far away, couldn’t get away

Swedish kit vendor Ericsson has continued is using Intel chips to do its mid-band 5G RAN operations.

Intel is back as number one
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Tuesday, 15 June 2021 11:51

Intel is back as number one

But only one to see a sales decline

Chipzilla is the #1 semiconductor maker in the world despite being the only one in the top 15 to post a sales decline.

Intel to invest $3.5 billion in Rio Rancho
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Part of chip production modernisation

Chipzilla is to invest $3.5 billion in the Rio Rancho technical campus as part of its global chip production modernisation.

Intel disappoints Wall Street
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Friday, 23 April 2021 10:21

Intel disappoints Wall Street

Booming sales, but profits down

Chipzilla disappointed the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street by turning in a second quarter profit forecast well short of their great expectations.

Chipzilla claims it will fix the auto chip shortage
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Put some nice Intel chips in there

Intel Chief Executive Kicking/ Pat Gelsinger has said that Intel will start producing chips at its factories within six to nine months to address the auto shortage, which has idled assembly lines at some US automotive plants.

Kicking Pat Gelsinger to sit on the Intel throne
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Update Swan upped

Intel's new CEO will be Pat Gelsinger, who will take up his position after current CEO Bob Swan steps down in mid-February, CNBC reported today.

Intel shares plummet after server warning
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Friday, 23 October 2020 12:45

Intel shares plummet after server warning

Things are not looking good in Chipzilla’s universe

Intel shares fell by ten percent after-hours trading after the chip company reported its third quarter results, which show it losing ground in the server and data centre market.

Chipzilla hits back at Torvalds AVX-512 coments
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It is not nice to say “I hope it dies a painful death”

Intel has replied to  Linus Torvalds comments that he hoped “AVX512 dies a painful death" and “Intel starts fixing real problems instead of trying to create magic instructions to then create benchmarks that they can look good on"'