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UK Labour Party plans to nationalise broadband
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Free internet for all

Britain’s opposition Labour Party plans to nationalise BT’s broadband network to provide free internet for all, a radical election pledge to roll back 35 years of private ownership that caught both the company and its shareholders by surprise.

Dodgy server at heart of the Trump inquiry was wiped
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So stop asking questions about it

The server computer at the centre of a lawsuit digging into dodgy cyber-security practices during the US presidential election has been wiped to stop people asking questions about it.

Kaspersky Lab to feature in Russian spy investigation
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Senate Intelligence Committee broadens Trump investigation

The Senate Intelligence Committee has widened its investigation into Russia's alleged meddling in last year's presidential election, to include security outfit Kaspersky Lab.

Manchester attack used for internet crackdown
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Fear is the weapon of terrorists.. oh and the government

The UK government is hoping that the population of the UK is so terrified by the Manchester bombings, that they will support a wholesale crackdown on the internet.

Russians admit secret communications with Trump team
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Protecting our investment

Senior Russian officials have admitted being in secret communication with Donald Trump and providing him with instructions during the US election.

Immigrate to Canada site falls over
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Wednesday, 09 November 2016 10:37

Immigrate to Canada site falls over

Escaping the Orange revolution

The Canadian government’s immigration website crashed as thousands of Americans fearing the nation’s decision to elect its first Orange president tried to escape across the northern border to escape the new tyranny.