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PoV/TGT GTX 680 review, Air Cooling vs. Water Cooling

by on23 August 2012


The GTX 680 4GB Beast’s watercooling kept the temperatures at below 46°C. The reference GTX 680 could hit 80°C, and that’s without overclocking, whereas the GTX 680 4GB Ultra Charged’s air cooler kept the temperatures below 67°C despite our overclock.  

The Ultra Charged’s air cooler remained almost inaudible after our overclocking. This is not the case with reference cooling, which you’ll definitely hear after overclocking the GPU. Reference cooling is still very quiet when the card is at reference clocks, although many users tend to shoot it down without even hearing it.

gpuz gainward gtx 680 load temp
GTX 680 reference design

gpuz temp
GTX 680 4GB Ultra Charged

gpuz card1 load
GTX 680 4GB Beast

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