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Point of View / TGT GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged previewed

by on23 August 2012


Preview: Charging through

Point Of View / TGT has promptly jumped aboard the proverbial GTX 660 Ti overclocking train and their GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged comes clocked at 1033MHz Base Clock and 1111MHz+ Boost Clock. Just like they did with the GTX 680 series, TGT used Low Leakage Selection chips. Naturally, the best chips excel in auto overclocking and the company says the GTX 660 Ti UC’s clocks go up to 1200MHz and even higher. The GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged comes with 2GB of memory running at 1502MHz (6008MHz effectively).

gpuz card1

TGT ran with reference cooling and we’ve seen that it’s good enough for cards running at 1033MHz or lower. However, we’re quite confident that the yet-to-be-released Beast version will come with more advanced cooling.


The GTX 660 Ti was supposed to be a budget card for gamers, but Nvidia set the price a bit too high in our opinion. The card rarely goes below €280 in Europe. The Ultra Charged goes for €298, but the good thing about it is its availability.

We’ll soon have the full review, running SLI too. So far we’ve seen that TGT was right when it said the GPU overclocks beyond 1200MHz and the maximum we measured was 1229MHz. 

card 1 heaven




PoV/TGT bundles Borderlands 2 voucher with the card, meaning you’ll be able to download it when it comes out next month.


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