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Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse Speaker reviewed

by on29 August 2019

Review: Great Bluetooth 5 speaker for a reasonable price

Tronsmart is a company that made its name with power elements for smartphones, including external batteries and charges (Quick Charge), but the company has also made quite a few portable speakers.

Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse is a 2x20W speaker supporting Bluetooth 5.0 and coming with 2x3300 mAh battery that can play for up to 15 hours. The battery life depends on the volume level, and it will range.

Let’s start with the basics: The 657.3 gram / 23.18 oz speaker measures 7.59x2.28x3.14in / 193x58x80mm (L x W x H) which doesn’t make it the lightest but traditionally good quality sound involves some heavier speakers. The driver unit has a frequency range of 115Hz - 13KHz and 4Ω 20W/53mm with less than one percent distortion.


There are two features of the speaker that stand out, the Bluetooth 5.0 and the USB Type C charger. Bluetooth 5 will extend the range compared to Bluetooth 4.2, and the manufacturer promises transmission distance up to 30 meters (98.5 feet). USB Type C has become a ubiquitous connector for everything but the iPhone these days and the fact that one can charge the speaker with the same Android phone charger will help. The speaker supports 5V /2.1 amp, and it can take around four hours to completely charge it from empty on the standard charger and around three hours on Quick charger using 5V / 2A or faster charging. 

The speaker uses SBC, or low-complexity sub-band codec supporting frequencies up to 48 kHz and a maximum bit rate of 42 kbit/s for mono and 345 kbit/s for stereo streams.

The speaker back side hides slider on/of a button, line in 3.5 mm AUX, SD Card slot, and the DC charging port. Yes, you can charge the speaker and play it at the same time.


The top of the speaker has a microphone touch icon that lets you activate voice assistant after the phone is paired. Next in line is the Mode touch button that lets you choose Bluetooth, Line In or SD card playback mode. Speaker has switch to the previous track and skips tracks that sandwich the play and pause button. The same button lets you answer a call, and double-tap will call the last number.

The volume slider is also touch-based and does what it is supposed to. All the buttons are quite responsive. The last icon on the top is the NFC that lets you pair the phone with a touch.



A rectangle with smooth corners surrounds the whole speaker. The logo is dominant on the front, and the back has the switches, the ins, and outs. The bottom has the speaker stands.

Pairing Bluetooth is very straightforward. After you flip the on switch the speakers becomes available on the Bluetooth list on the phone, you select the speaker, and you are good to go. NFC also works, and it might be an even faster way to use it.

The range is something that will interest most readers; in our testing, we managed to get the speaker working with a phone being 10 meters in a separate room with both doors closed. It worked on a separate storey of a European concrete based two-storey apartment.


The sound quality is quite good, especially for the price range. The speaker is selling for €40.38 at Geekbuying European warehouse with €5.99 one to two day DHL shipping.

One of its cute gimmicks is the support for TWS (True Wireless Stereo), but this works if you have two of the same speakers.


Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse is a great speaker for the money, and it is easy to operate and sounds good. The choice of Bluetooth 5.0, Aux, SD, and USB Type-C makes this product very versatile. It will play nicely for people on the move, but it might also upset people on the beach next to you. This is  where people should use technology responsibly. At 40 euro this is a great deal as it sounds richer than the price tag would suggest.


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